Organic fair-trade, eco-ethical fashion clothing with organic labels

We only work with environmentally friendly materials.

Organic cotton production improves soil fertility and diversity through diversification and crop rotation and especially the non-use of GMOs and pesticides.

The fertilizers and pesticides used are imperatively natural, no chemicals, so groundwater and waterways remain healthy and water irrigation is controlled. Our organic raw materials used are certified by a recognized GOTS standards organization under the certification number CU819434.

In addition to the organic dimension, we want to offer you the best, which is why as premium quality we only work with combed ring-spun cotton.

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It is also for this reason that our fabrics are unique and refined.

The design (personalization) of each garment is injected with 100% organic ink into the fabric by the screen printing method: This gives an irreproachable result.

MOERO also adheres to the Imprim 'vert label, always as part of the fight for active protection of our environment.

We have chosen proximity for the finishing of our products: each of our clothes and accessories are finished, sewn, embroidered, modified or screen printed on Reunion Island.

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