Guarantees what the label GOTS? We use him!

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Do you really know what guarantees the label GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)?

Environmental and social requirements, of the fiber in the garment, all the clothes sold on are certified? · not to confuse with the label Oeko-Tex which is biological not at all.

All the clothes sold on are certified GOTS of level 1: biological, including textiles = 95 % of certified biological fibers, = 5 % of artificial or synthetic fibers.

Environmental requirements

All the stages of the transformation of products consisted of biological fibers must be separated from those of the products consisted of traditional fibers and must be clearly identified.

All the chemical inputs (eg colouring agents, adjuvating and chemicals of transformation

Have to not contain of heavy metals.

The whitening agents have to be with oxygen ( no chlorine).

Colouring agents azoïques freeing(releasing) components aminés carcinogenic are forbidden.

The methods of impression(printing) using aromatic solvents and the methods of impression(printing) plastisol using phtalates and PVC are forbidden.

Limitations concerning accessories (e.g. PVC, nickel, chromium are not authorized, from 2014, all the polyesters must be recyclable after consumption).

All the operators have to have an environmental policy understanding(including) objectives and procedures to minimize waste and rejections(discharges).

The units of wet treatment(processing) have to keep(preserve) complete statements on the use of chemicals, the water consumption

Requirements qualitative and relative to the human toxicity

The requirements of technical quality must be respected (values of brush resistance, in the perspiration, the colors, in the wash, in the shrinkage).

Raw materials, intermediate products and finished textile products as well as accessories have to respect the rigorous limits concerning the unwanted residues.

Social requirements

All the transformers and the manufacturers of the textile industry have to respect criteria

Social fixed by the fundamental standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). They have to set up a politics of social responsibility with elements defined to reach the requirements of basic welfare benefits. The fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) listed have to serve as relevant base for the interpretation of the adequate implementation and the evaluation of the social criteria.

Elimination of the hard labor trade-union Freedom and gratitude of the right of collective bargaining.

Improvement of the working conditions (Health and Safety of the workers) Abolition of the child labor Smugness of the decent working hourly pays Abolition of the discrimination Regularity of employment Abolition of the brutal and inhuman treatment


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