In Thierry Virapol's discovery

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In the course of the journeys and of his meetings, Thierry Virapol makes friends with a trainer of country, Chachaï Nikhom who is a man recognized in the world of Muay Thaï.

He(It) decides with the latter to go(take) up his(its) own school of Muay Thaï.

So, they become trainers and owners of a school.

This school gathers(collects) about fifty éléves today among which of numerous champions of Bangkok.

To make the school live, this one organizes internships(training courses) reserved for the foreigners. People come from the whole world to learn(teach), discover, or perfect at the heart of the Thai culture to Virapol Gym.

This is the way numerous nationalities find themselves then in this renowned school of Muay Thaï "Virapol Gym"

Thus it has been several years since Thierry Virapol multiplies the journeys in Thailand to give court in his school.

The orsqu' he is in Reunion he focuses on his Club, top Sainte-Annoise team, to pass on in his éléves from Réunion his experiences and his international knowledge.


- 46 victories among which 14 by KO(KB) and 14 defeats

- 2 quarters of final in the French championship

- Several times World champion of Reunion(Meeting)

- Vice-champion of the world in 2009 WPMF

- intercontinental champion in 2010 WMC

- Vice-champion of the world in 2010 WKF

20 FIGHTS Kickboxing

- 18 Victoire for 2 defeats

- Several times Champion of Reunion(Meeting)

10 FIGHTS Sambo

- 9 Fights for 1 defeat

- Champion of Reunion(Meeting)


- 8 fights for 2 defeats

- Vice-champion of the world

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