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The fashion 100% organic cotton in Reunion island

Of the organic 100 % Shirts, T-shirts, polos, organic and secondary pairs of shorts sun hat and hats(caps) Well whether it is already a success in mainland France, Vincent Sellom, age 28, decided to throw(launch) his mark(brand) Moero in Reunion island last year. Son of a Breton and an Inhabitant of Réunion, this former(old) joiner settled down for good on the island since June, 4 years after the creation of the mark(brand).

" We know what we carry(wear) and where from that comes "

" I decided to dash(launch) into the bio when I heard(understood) that chemicals on clothes were bad, that that scratched, simply, he tells, and I realized that the bio was more pleasant, natural and we know what we carry(wear) and where from that comes ".

If the basic product is produced for the moment abroad, the embroidery, the screenprinting and the finishes


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