The MOERO brand was born in 2013 in Rennes and then continued its development on the island of Reunion. MOERO draws its inspiration from sports in contact with nature, travel, art, music ...
All initiatives related to the protection of the environment, ethics and responsible consumption inspire and guide us
MOERO presents chic and zen casual style clothing, irreplaceable elements in a dressing room.

MOERO offers an original collection of clothing that can be worn on all occasions. Inspired 100% French, we take the greatest care in the development and manufacture of our products.
Their creation and their conception rely on a choice of high quality materials: the fabrics, their weights and the cuts of each one of our clothes, are the object of all our attention for the quality of finishes, in particular.
 100% organic, our clothes are woven and assembled mainly in Turkey and bangladesh.
We are concerned about the respect of the environment, but also of the good working conditions of the people working in these partner garment workshops.
Thus, MOERO uses organic cotton from "sustainable forests" and also collaborates with suppliers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation (for ethical trade and respect for employees' rights).

It is also for this reason that our fabrics are singular and refined.
The design (personalization) of each garment is injected with 100% organic ink into the fabric by the screen printing method: This gives an impeccable rendering.
MOERO also adheres to the Imprim 'vert label, always in the context of the fight for an active protection of our environment.

We chose the proximity for the finishing of our products: each of our clothes and accessories are finished, sewn, embroidered, modified or silk screened on the island of Reunion.